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A lot of workout apps come preloaded with a crazy volume of obscure exercises, leaving the user scrolling aimlessly. Workout plan can remind me that I have missed a workout, perhaps due to an unscheduled day off.
If you find that you have a bit of time at the end of your workout, then you can complete certain exercises from your next workout ahead of schedule.
Daily Workouts provides great 5 to 10 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Ok, perhaps that is a harsh title, but I was so excited to get my hands on a 4.5 rated app for the iPad that promised that it was all I needed to make my weight loss resolution happen that only the disappointment that followed after using the app could match it. The first impression you get after opening the app for the first time is that you don’t know what to do next. And that’s the Food and Activity Planning, where you need to set the diet and the physical exercises. The app has proved a massive hit with gym goers thanks to its elegant simplicity of design, making it really painless to log your workouts and to track your progress.

Whilst in the gym, i want my workout partner app to be quick and highly efficient, as i like to maintain a good pace in the weights room. I like the x number of days until I repeat feature, as this works well with my current routine which rotates 3 totally different workouts for upper body and the same for lower body.
But after just a few minutes spent with FitnessPlanner, the All-Inclusive Weight Loss Management System for iPad, I started to get the feeling that I might lose weight just by reading through the app’s documentation. It’s an app for the iPad that will empower you to lose weight and stay healthy by helping you understand your dietary needs and physical exercise requirements and based on your current age, weight, height and BMI (Body Mass Index) plus your goal weight. The app promises to help you get from your current weight to your goal weight, by giving you both nutritional and physical advice that you can put to good use in a series of planning calendars.
Naturally, the app will let you set your current age, current weight, current height and it will calculate how much you should be consuming daily and how much physical exercise will be needed to get to your goal weight in a set amount of time. Everything the app will teach you can be easily picked up through a couple of Google searches and the master schedule it generates at the end was as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. The guys behind the app have announced that it is now going to become a FREE app having previously cost $2.99.

Workout plan lets you insert your exercises without the clutter and that works well for me. For anybody who follows DC training, this makes it the perfect DC training app in my opinion.
Workout plan was designed as a paid app though, so you’re getting some nice additional touches with the user interface and the general functionality. I have been a user of Workout Plan for 4 months now, and have been impressed by the apps ability to keep things simple. These are worth noting if you follow a more advanced workout routine like DC training, as this is one app that can actually deliver there. If you lift religiously or on a "when you feel like it" basis this app will help you organize your plan!

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