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Wild card boxing gym hollywood, the best supplements to build muscle and burn fat - .

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BodyKore had a chance to visit Freddy Roach’s infamous Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood, CA over the weekend.
I just decide to go to wild card boxing gym and train there with a trainer for three weeks during winter break (Dec 21-Jan 17). Because I do not live in LA and I have to fly there and rent a house near the gym, I have to be sure that I can train there beforehand. Well, because I decide to focus myself in boxing training this winter break, I think I will get up early, train their the whole morning and noon, and leave there at late afternoon everyday.
I made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filled with explanations, pictures, videos, and links to more detailed guides.

Professional boxer Amir Khan (c) poses with members of the Holy Trinity Boxing Club from Belfast, Northern Ireland at a sparring session at Wild Card Boxing Club on November 14, 2011 in Hollywood, California.
Although I didn’t have formal boxing training, I have been training very hard for muay thai so my body condition is good and I think I could adapt pretty quickly. I already called and asked the gym for the price and it seems that it’s pretty expensive counting hours but a lot cheaper if I say I want train for three weeks. You’ll have to check out several gyms first and see if you like the atmosphere and style and available coaches and then make a decision. I want to travel to Los Angeles from 18th December to 4th January to train in the wild card gym.

So far the few gyms I have tried offer work-out but you never set foot on the ring…and this is quite a deal breaker for me.
Anyway, if you had a list of a few names of gyms in LA (beside Wildcard!) that you think I could check out, that would be great!

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