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The push press requires posterior shoulder mobility, thoracic mobility, and lat flexibility.
This is usually associated with pain on the anterior shoulder, worst with overhead movement and tenderness to palpation.
This may present similarly, although pain is usually on the lateral border of the shoulder and occasionally radiates into the lateral arm. This pathology is generally characterized with repetitive clunking, catching, and popping in the shoulder joint. Our expert team of fully qualified Chiropractors and Physiotherapists treat all types of shoulder pain and shoulder problems.
Thought we should share a picture of The House Clinics team at yesterdays Bristol Half Marathon!

When those things are not present, the shoulder joint is in a protracted (forward) position.
They have to work together at specific ranges of motion to control the scapula on the thoracic spine and subsequently place the shoulder joint in optimal mechanics. When you book an appointment at one of our Bristol Clinics we will do a full examination of your shoulder, diagnose the problem and give you a straight-forward explanation of the treatment required. What a fantastic event and and great to raise money for charity, we hope you all enjoyed it too. It’s round three and the inability for my body to do exactly what my coach just asked me to do is now rearing its ugly head.
Again, if you hit the deck with a collapsed thoracic spine, forward shoulders, and a crunched up neck, you’re going to have a bad time.

These symptoms could result in a much larger problem and more time away from doing what you love. It’s about teaching people to move their stuff the way it was designed, efficiently, and with mechanical integrity. A five-round triplet like this, in theory, should take less than ten minutes with the correct weight, box jump height, and burpee scaling (yes, you can scale burpees). By straightening up, you increased thoracic extension, put your scapula in the proper position on your thorax, and set your rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers for success, recruiting over twenty muscles to stabilize the shoulder joint and allowing you effectively lift that weight overhead.

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