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What is a lunge line, pilates video - Test Out

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As you can see in the photo, we put one knot on the end of the rope, the reason we do this is so that when you are lunging, you can change the placement of your hands on the rope without accidentially slipping right through – the knot is a warning that you are at the end of the rope.
Horse SafetyMost lunge line exercises require the horse to track right or left in a circle. Trainer SafetyA longer lunge line ensures your horse's safety because it increases the diameter of the circle.
Short Lunge LineIf you have access only to a shorter lunge line, walk a circle in the center of the arena so your horse will cover more ground.

Well, it’s a rope-like piece of equipment, usually 20 feet or longer in length, attached to the halter (picture below) of a horse to provide control while lungeing. Lunge lines are sold at any horse supply retailer but some people make not like the conventional lungelines (sometimes called driving lines), so if you want to make your own, it’s a great idea!
You can coil the end of the lunge line in your hands to shorten it, but you risk catching your thumb or finger in the loops if your horse bolts. Alternatively, set up traffic cones or other markers in the center of an arena to serve as the boundaries of your lunging circle.

If your lunge line is too long, loop the excess into a neat coil that you can release easily. Some riders, for example, thread the line through the bit loop on the inside, stretch it over the horse's ears and clip it to the outside bit loop to prevent the lunge line from pulling the bit through the horse's mouth.

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