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What foods have protein for pregnancy, alex ludwig frankfurt - Test Out

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The term protein energy malnutrition covers a wide spectrum of clinical stages ranging from the severe forms like kwashiorkor and marasmus to the milder forces in which the main detectable manifestation is growth retardation.
Poverty that results in low food availability, overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions and improper child care are frequent causes of PEM. Maternal malnutrition prior to and or during pregnancy is more likely to produce an underweight new born baby.
Some children adapt to prolonged insufficiency of food-energy and protein by a marked retardation of growth.

Children with sub-clinical PEM can be detected by their weight for age or weight for height, which are significantly below normal. The diet should be from locally available staple foods - inexpensive, easily digestible, evenly distributed throughout the day and increased number of feedings to increase the quantity of food. The concept of nutritional rehabilitation is based on practical nutritional training for mothers in which they learn by feeding their children back to health under supervision and using local foods. Agricultural patterns, droughts, floods, earthquakes, wars and forced migrations lead to cyclic, sudden or prolonged food scarcities.

Diarrhoea, measles and respiratory and other infections result in negative protein and energy balance. Post harvest losses of food can occur due to bad storage conditions and inadequate food distribution.

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