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Weighted medicine ball, six-pack exercises - .

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Premium line of medicine balls available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 lb weight and new 15 lb weight! I’ve been working with Dynamax Medicine Balls for three years and I get so much great use out of them. Squat down holding the dynamax ball at chest level, on your way up from the squat, use your legs to throw the ball as high as you can.
ShareStress is poison to your body.┬áStress can lead to health issues such as weight gain, sleepless nights, and headaches to name a few. As you’re coming up from the sit up position throw the ball at a wall or work-out buddy.

Lean back slightly, lift your feet and cross your ankles, then twist the ball from side to side. Use this weighted ball for any overhead exercises, such as Overhead holds, OH Walking Lunges or OH Squats. This will force you to go down to a certain level and it helps to guide your form by keeping your weight in your heels. I like Dynamax balls because they are soft shelled weighted balls that are easier to handle and toss around. Take the medicine ball over your head and slam it down as hard as you can on the ground, squat down to pick the ball back up and repeat.

I also find it very useful to use while performing a squat, by placing the ball behind you it forces you to sit back on your heels and go down to a certain level.

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