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V squat machine vs hack squat, best fat burning products - .

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While the standard squat is considered the king of all leg moves, the leg press is another exercise that most of us love to load the weight on to destroy the lower-body muscle fibers. Similar to the hack squat, the leg press hits the quads and hamstrings, as well as the glutes to a certain extent. We stress the glutes a little less because on the leg press, you don’t have full-hip extension because your body is bent 90 degrees, which limits your ability to innervate the upper hamstrings and glutes compared to the squat as well as the hack squat to a degree.

With the leg press, however, you’re able to relax the upper body slightly more than you can during the hack squat, which helps the mind-muscle connection for the lower-body muscles. The hack squat on the other hand is great at targeting the outer sweep (vastus lateralis), which is also imperative to developing a great pair of legs.

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