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Upper body exercises without weights, workout for 6 pack - For Begninners

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I love that feeling of mastering something new – of learning to move my body in a new way. There are so many ways to regress and progress bodyweight moves to make them work for everyone. Which is why  I was super excited when I saw this Bodyweight Training Book and Video bundle on Mark Sisson’s (The Primal Blueprint) twitter the other day. There are so many bodyweight exercises out there that are challenging enough for even the advanced exercisers without adding weight.
Here are some great, more untraditional, bodyweight exercises everyone should be doing – 10 Untraditional Bodyweight Exercises You Need To Do. A bit ago I did a post with the 10 Best Bodyweight Upper Body Moves and today I wanted to take a second and go over 10 of the best lower body moves. Bodyweight exercises are great to have on hand this time of year – when we are traveling, busy with family and the holidays and generally a little bit lazier about going outside on the weekends because it is cold. The 10 Bodyweight Lower Body Exercises below don’t require much space and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home! Of course any jumping moves are also great options to help you challenge yourself without any weight. Many people can think of a ton of lower body moves to do (squats, squat jumps, lunges, chair step ups), they often can’t think of a variety of upper body moves to do.
So here are some great Bodyweight Upper Body Moves that you can easily do at home that will challenge everyone from the beginner to even the most advanced lifter.

So if you decide that life has interfered yet you still really really WANT and NEED to get in a workout (and it wouldn’t be better for your body and mind to take the day off), here are a couple of great ways to get in a quick workout WITHOUT going to the gym. And the best part was, everyone was challenged no matter their fitness level or exercising experience! They also require a great deal of upper body mobility as well as upper body and core strength and stability.
Some are great for beginners while others will challenge even the most advanced exercisers.
While I’ve written numerous articles with bodyweight exercises you can do at home, today I would like to focus on some of the best UPPER BODY moves you can do. Handstands – Whether you are new to handstands and need to start with a modified downward dog or you can hold a handstand without any support, handstands are a GREAT upper body move. Towel Lat Pulldown – A great way to work on those pull ups even when at home without a pull up bar (although I do think a doorway pull up bar is a great investment!).
For more details about the towel lunges, click here (and some other great towel exercises!).
Intermediate exercisers may want to do a two leg glute bridge with their heels up on the table. They are a great way to develop shoulder stability and work your upper body as well as your abs. I have a Yoga workout I can easily do at home on days when my body needs a break but I still want to move.

If you can do a full pistol squat or use a plate weight to counter balance you, do that variation. It is also great if you have overactive upper traps and suffer from shoulder and neck pain!
Make sure you aren’t going forward and that your weight is in your front heel and your front knee is not going past your toe. Keeping your core and glutes tight, reach one arm across your body and overhead as if you are reaching for something over your shoulder and behind you. The corner row works the same muscles although I do find it challenges the core a bit more since you must hold your body in a straight line while moving. Heck, sometimes you can even just put a timer on for 5 minutes as choose one exercise and do it without stopping the entire time.
If you want to make it even more challenging, you could add weight to each hand…even if it is just in the form of a book.

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