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We asked them what excites them about America," she said.The History Channel is offering the series free to every school in the nation. You can find hundreds of adventures for almost any roleplaying system you care to name - sometimes you'll buy them in beautiful real-world paper format, and sometimes you'll simply download them as an e-book pdf. Housed in a single small book - they're usually large-sized pages, with 32-64 pages total - you get every scrap of information you need as a GM to run a particular adventure.
They're designed to be played in a couple of decent gaming sessions, which is brilliant for many gaming groups who have assorted partners, children, and dental appointments to factor in to their gaming availability.Each book in the Adventure Path moves the overarching plot forward, usually with a setpiece goal to accomplish as the central plank of the episode, but always with what's gone before and what's still to come firmly in view.
In addition to all the important information for the episode itself, Adventure Path brings with it a wealth of supplemental material.
There are new monsters, created specifically for the particular Adventure Path you're exploring.

This person essentially controls the game, revealing the secrets of the adventure as it unfolds, whether that's hidden doors, traps, unexpected monsters, helpful innkeepers, or vast hoards of magical items squashed underneath a slumbering dragon.In order to play or run an adventure, you need all the details to hand.
There's also a short work of fiction in the Pathfinder's Journal.It's all designed to immerse you and your players in the world and storyline created for you within the Adventure Path.
Some books, such as the Neverwinter Campaign Guide for Dungeons and Dragons give you lots of background information, which allows the GM to construct an adventure of their choosing. The extras also allow you, as a GM, to expand the campaign further, away from the main storyline, if it turns out that your players are having an especially great time adventuring in that setting, and don't really want to leave when they've finished the main adventure.Right now we're up to what we might call 'Season 9' of Adventure Path. First of all, part of the appeal of the Adventure Path is that it only lasts for a dozen or so gaming sessions from setting out to completion.
Even if the setting doesn't light your gaming fire, you know that you're not going to be stuck there for two years if you want to continue gaming with the same group of friends.Secondly, although Jade Regent is the current Adventure Path (with episode 2, Night of Frozen Shadows coming in September), there are already eight complete Adventure Paths which cover a wide range of genres.

There is, in short, almost certainly an Adventure Path that's going to suit your group's play and aesthetic style.One final thing to mention. Nonetheless, it's worth saying that the nature of the monthly release lends itself ideally to saving just a handful of gaming dollars each week before receiving your next instalment, and if it turns out that you or your players really don't enjoy episode one, you haven't invested heavily in multiple source books and months of creativity on a campaign that will never be played.We can't tell you which Adventure Path is going to be right for you.

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