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Top protein shakes, increase testosterone naturally supplements - Review

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This recommendation is to replace my current low-carbohydrate protein recommendation on our "List of Mandatory and Optional Supplements for the Fat Loss Diet". The taste is fantastic, the protein (100% micro-filtered isolate) is as good as it gets and it has a similar amounts of nutrients as a lot of multivitamins. It's not just spectacular for carb-free protein - it's spectacular for ANY TYPE of protein and better than nearly all the protein supplements that have added carbohydrates (sometimes added sugar) that I've tried. More often than not, I wouldn't even finish the entire container of protein - in fact, in most cases, I wouldn't finish more than half the tub until I got bored of the flavor. Not surprisingly, I actually spend far less money on protein because I actually finish the entire jug.
I just don't get excited about a protein shake that's "not bad" - I'll skip it and make solid food instead.

If you have a bunch of protein tubs on the top of your fridge or if you are a "lets-save-money-buying-a lot-of-cheap-supplements" guy - perhaps you should reexamine how much money you are truly "saving" on supplements.
Without going off on a tangent here, Nature's Best Isopure is 100% Whey Protein Isolate - 50 grams per serving. For this reason, Isopure is more of a "meal replacement" rather than simply just a protein supplement.
If you are one of the guys likes to put Kratom in a protein shake to mask the taste - you can expect Isopure to do that as well as any type of protein powder.
I don't do that however - I like the taste of the this shake too much to pollute it with Kratom. I guarantee it will rival ANY protein shake (or anything) that you've ever put inside your mouth.

Hi chris, Just wondering what your thoughts were on PHD Protein, I got a few bags of the stuff to get through , before I start the Isopure. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake (when blended) and is equal to or better than any chocolate protein supplement I've tried.

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