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Top home workout dvds, massive chest workout - Reviews

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I will not detail each of the various DVDs included in these programs here because there are 10 Insanity and 13 P90X DVDs. I have combined Insanity and P90X together to be able to use the best of both in my workouts. Both these home workout DVD programs are solid, so you need to determine if your goal is to get Lean and Fit (Insanity) or Strong and Ripped (P90X). Thanks for taking the time to visit Best Workout DVDs and showing interest in my background.
I hate to admit this because Tony Horton’s instructor style annoys the heck out of me, BUT the workout program holds up. Many of Jillian’s workouts are around 20-40 minutes in length, which is perfect for when you’re in a time crunch (especially those 20 minute options!). I have a hard time saying motivated with a workout DVD — but I do agree that Cathe is AWESOME.
I starred this in my reader … thanks for providing me with a nice lil resource for when I need some new DVDs! I literally was just thinking of rewarding myself with a new workout DVD then you posted this! I just wanted to say that you are one of my top inspirations for getting back into running post-pregnancy. Known for its amazing toning abilities, Pilates has long been a favorite of some of Hollywood’s top celebs. If like us you love a good dance workout, you must check out the So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk.
The Insanity Fit Test seemed to be more concerned with setting a baseline to measure progress, and the P90X Fit Test was to determine if the person is in the right shape to attempt the P90X Workout. Given the number of DVDs in these programs, it is clear that they both have a substantial amount of content. Somehow, Jillian makes you beg for mercy in that short time span.  That’s all I need to know for a quick workout.
I especially like the HIIT workouts – it packs a powerful punch in a short amount of time.

I used to be really into DVDs too, but I’ve gotten out of it a lot lately and have switched to workouts at the gym instead. Burn calories and get fit in the comfort of your own home with one of these at-home workout dvds. Based on the science of muscle confusion, P90X shows you how and when to change up your routine to get the maximum results from your workout in a short period of time.
Check out Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series, a four-DVD workout set that burns 1,000 calories in just 60 minutes!
Mari Windsor uses these principles in targeted 20-minute workout sessions that focus on what we’d all like to have: hotter hips, thinner thighs and a tighter tush!
We’re talking about fast, hard, intense workouts in just 10 minutes that shape your bod and blast fat.
Personal trainer Shaun T takes you through 10 workout drills on non-stop intervals that attack the entire body. Her newest DVD, Jillian Michaels Killer Abs, is an abs conditioning workout to add on to your normal routine. The Insanity Workout is a balance between cardio and strength training, so Insanity dishes out both cardio and strength training daily which is a good balance if you want to get lean and fit. Without enough of the correct fuel for your body, you will not be able to recover from these extreme workouts that you are putting your body through daily. I recommend that you purchasing a higher quality DVD case to store the disks because you will be taking them in and out of the case daily to use for the workouts.
My sister and I would hop down to our basement and rock it out to some Billy Blanks Tae Bo or FIRM workouts. If I didn’t have the gym, I could handle some Tony Horton in exchange for a tough weights workout like this. I never feel like I’m working out when completing these workouts, yet finish drenched in sweat and with a nonnegotiable post-workout high. I love workout DVDs, especially for circuit workouts or strength – it’s so much easier to just do what they say than come up with my own routines! She is primarily a Vinyasa instructor so her workouts are quite intense, but she does have some dvds that focus more on relaxation yoga if that's your cup of tea!

Thanks to the no plateau effect and the remarkable results, P90x has become the #1 best-selling home fitness program in the U.S. Get a long, lean and toned bod by doing this female-specific, total-body workout developed by fitness and martial arts expert Dasha Libin Anderson, three times a week for just three weeks.
Five workout options work to reshape your body, sculpt strong abs and help you lose any extra pounds.
Get a condensed version of the Physique 57 workout at home, with the Express 30-Minute Full-Body Workout.
The P90X workout is more strength training with a couple of cardio days throughout the week, but the most of the workouts target muscle building which will lead to getting strong and ripped. She always keeps up with current workout trends and develops new workout options every year to keep your body coming back for more. Perfect for anyone on the go who doesn’t want to miss out on a full-body workout, this series of five kickboxing-inspired workouts gets your heart racing in just 10 minutes! The cardboard will be break down over time due to daily use which could lead to your DVDs being left out unprotected over time.
You never know what to expect since her workouts always keep you on your toes…but you do know to expect a burn.
Plus, those premixes I mentioned on her DVDs mean you get like 3-4 different circuits with each DVD. A scratched DVD in the middle of the 60-90 day program could be frustrating, so you should protect the DVDs as much as reasonably possible. My DVD repertoire has only continued to expand and I still think they give me a great workout.
I have noticed that Insanity seems to be a very similar workout day when comparing Insanity vs P90X. Go ahead and view her video library (clips of EVERY DVD), then take your pick of a new workout to try.

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