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I love this cartoon by Dan Piraro, which cleverly points to the irony of the protein debate. We also discussed that the average intake of protein consumption for the average American is roughly 15-16% – much higher than the more realistic requirement range of 5-6% that Dr. At the 5-10% range of protein intake, depending on size, weight and activity level, we would need a ballpark range of 30-60 grams of protein. Protein foods also tend to be more acidic, this is because the acidic minerals including choline, phosphorus and sulfur predominate. Luckily, these conditions can be reversed and prevented with a low-fat, raw vegan diet, by eliminating flesh foods in the diet and replacing them with whole, organic living foods, inherently providing us with the optimal range of protein in the 5-10% range of total calories. As we will see, not all proteins are created equal and there is indeed a difference between plant based protein and animal based protein.
One of my friend used too much protein powder for building his muscles so at first his muscles build very fast but later on his stomach start aching very much and when he went to the doctor, the doctor told him that its reason is using too much protein. ANIMAL PROTEIN MAKES YOUR KIDNEYS TO WORK TOO MUCH AND CREATE DISEASES, IN CHANGE, VEGETAL PROTEIN DOESN’T CREATE THE PROBLEMS YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT.
Years before I allways tried to build muscle without the need of getting fat, when so many people suggest me to eat everything I can, a few recomend me to increase my vegetal protein intake in order to build muscle, I wasn’t so sure at the beginning but after hearing 3 different doctors working for more than 20 years in nutrition I understood the value of this nutrient. Even when vegetal protein doesnt have the same quality as animal, taking soy protein will enhance any performance you do by giving enough resources to your muscles tu build after you workout. We have to remember that our body works entirely with protein, hair, nails, skin, muscles and many other process that works inside our body needs protein! I just made a shake with I scoop of protein powder, I container of Greek yogurt, a banana, and a heaping tbsp of peanut butter. I undertook research into protein intake requirements for active individuals, where I compared recommendations from 17 reputable sources from around the world. Thanks for a very informative series of articles on protein, I started reading up about diets recently when I changed from a very active occupation involving climbing ladders and lugging heavy tools around to a fairly sedentary one, blogging. Considering the amount of protein grams per pound of body weight we are supposed to be consuming everyday, most would assume you would need to eat meat or dairy at every meal in order to hit the recommended servings.

Most Americans are consuming AT LEAST 6oz of meat at each meal, not including the protein filled dairy accompanying the main feature. New commerce friendly apps in cars are an invitation for hackers to ride alongTechnologically advanced cars may be getting too smart for their own good. In the previous post in this protein series, we looked at what we actually need for protein intake. Douglas Graham, a leading authority in the field of nutrition: “Too much protein in our diets is associated with all manner of health impairments, including such symptoms as constipation and other digestive disorders that often lead to toxemia (toxic blood and tissues) and eventually, cancer. Gabriel Cousens in his book Conscious Eating “An excess protein diet has also been found to cause a deficiency of B6 and B3. Excess protein is filtered from the blood by the kidneys and put into the urine for elimination. In fact, the amount of protein that most people are consuming is generally causing more harm than good. Ted Morter Jr., author of “Your Health, Your Choice” also believes that excess protein (in excess of what our bodies require) wreaks havoc on our health. A family of research physicians, the Wednts, showed that excess protein results in clogging the basement membranes. Our country has been brainwashed by the Food and Drug Administration for decades about the amount of the average person's daily intake of protein and where they should be getting it from. Countless websites have lists of protein grams for almost every type of vegetable, fake meat, bean, fruit, grains, etc. This is the second post in this protein series, answering all your questions about protein and debunking many popular protein myths. The reality is, our country is "over protein'd" (making up words is necessary in this context). Sure, these are high amounts of protein that will help you reach your recommended daily serving, but they are not necessary.
When the basement membranes get clogged with protein, nutrients and oxygen can’t filter in, and toxins can’t filter out, resulting in cell anoxia (meaning decreased oxygen in the cell) and malnutrition.[v] In Your Health, Your Choice, Dr.

This is why osteoporosis is on the radar of potential health consequences from excess protein consumption. Although protein is necessary for proper functioning of the body, excess consumption could be severly damaging.
Morter writes, “The unrelenting consumption of excess dietary protein congests your cells and forces the pH of your life-sustaining fluids down to cell-stifling, disease-producing levels.
Vegetables, legumes, beans, and nuts all contain the necessary essential proteins that are needed for a vegetarian or vegan to be healthy. If counting calories is your thing, look at it like this; the amount of protein you consume should be 15% of your daily caloric intake.
That one hamburger without the bacon and cheese is equivalent to more than 100 grams of protein!
So if you're on a 1,700 calorie a day eating plan, then 255 of those calories should come from protein. If you add in a "veggie meat" like tempeh, which is a cooked and fermented soybean patty, The Vegetarian Resource Group states that you will be adding 41g of protein to your plate per one cup. And to think, most of us have been taught that the only way to get protein is by slaughtering an animal. According to The American Heart Association, due to the high saturated fat content, too much animal protein in your diet can lead to all sorts of illnesses such as kidney failure and liver failure, coronary heart failure, diabetes, stroke, and multiple types of cancer. Not only does animal protein have the ability to cause health issues such as those listed, it actually depletes other necessary vitamins and minerals from your body.

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