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Too much protein bad for you, stomach six pack - How to DIY

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Last time around, we learned the difference between animal and plant protein, and why it is best to incorporate plant proteins in your diet.
While a lot of people are obsessed about getting more protein, it is likely that many of our protein intake meets our RDA, or even exceeds it. And, daily consumption of meat and dairy in the world is the core of our excessive protein intake. Exacerbation of kidney and liver malfunctions – A high-protein diet creates toxic by-products in the form of unused nitrogen. Cancer Promotion – According to the China Study, children from richest and best-fed families from the Philippines who ate “healthiest” diets with more animal protein than anyone else in the country have liver cancer. I’d imagine that many of you reading this article enjoy exercising, which is why protein is especially important to you. Acidic foods by themselves aren’t bad for you if you balance your diet well with alkaline food, which is why you may want to choose your protein sources carefully, and incorporate more plant-based protein in your diet. Remember, you need variety to obtain all your amino acids from plant sources, which is why I’ve listed various plant protein superfoods as well as our recipes below.
Protein requires digestive enzymes to break down so as to repair and maintain cell growth; animal proteins take longer to digest.
In the next series, we will be diving deeper into why some plant proteins are healthier than other plant protein sources, and why protein supplements may not necessarily be healthy for you. Don’t think we would say goodbye without one of Fit Foodie Finds amazing recipes!  I heard you’ve all been itching for some more protein rich recipes. The metabolism of protein produces lots of waste, which gets filtered by the liver and kidneys. Other effects of eating too much protein aren’t directly related to protein, but to the diet itself. Your body NEEDS a positive nitrogen balance for growth, development, and even reproduction! If you determine that you need 140 grams of protein a day to maintain and build muscle, divide that by x number of meals a day. Keep in mind that each time you eat a protein-rich meal you get a flow of chemicals circulating aiding in muscle building.

So, eat a protein-rich and balanced meal within 30 minutes of walking up and then every 3 hours after that until bed time.
When the body digests protein it creates metabolic waste which has to be removed from the kidneys. Ammonia (metabolic waste of protein metabolism) is converted to urea and is excreted from the kidneys in urine.
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After a vigorous exercise, we need more protein to help us build and repair broken down muscles. If you combine protein with carbohydrate, the enzyme that breaks down the carbs may not be able to function, resulting in bloating. 24 hours from now I’ll be in one of my favorite cities…Boulder, CO for the Blend Retreat (and of course to visit the sister)! If you are a healthy person with normal kidney and liver function, you probably won’t have a problem. These individuals know the importance of protein in regards to, not just the body, but to muscle development. This is one of the reasons why you see bodybuilders with a gallon jug and drinking a lot of water. The general guideline is to get between 15 and 35 percent of your calories from protein, but some people push it even further.
The problem is that the breakdown of fat into a usable molecule produces ketones, which your brain breaks down to make the fat breakdown process more efficient.
But if your liver or kidney function is even a little bit off, too much protein can exacerbate the problem quickly.
When you severely restrict your carb intake, you miss out on fiber, leading to constipation. Quite simply, your body is composed of protein and water, two extremely vital elements that need to be continually supplied for proper balance, development, and overall health. Once you establish how much protein you need for your body stats you need to divide that amount between 5-7 meals.

And you’re probably going to eat more than this amount for that meal depending on your needs. This process is called ketosis, and its purpose is to protect the protein in your muscles from being broken down so you don’t lose muscular strength.
Most people who follow a high-protein diet eat mostly animal proteins, which can be high in saturated fat – this increases your risk of heart disease.
If you are 140 pounds, then the RDA suggests you only need 50 grams of protein a day to thrive and be healthy. Rumors have circulated that you can eat up to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight is just totally insane. You might notice some quick weight loss, but you won’t perform as well athletically, and your skin will become dry and rough over time. If your high-protein diet is also high in fat, it increases your risk of ketosis and also contributes extra calories.
Protein is needed for basic cellular function and transportation, as well as digestion and tissue repair. You are also more at risk for acute dehydration during hot weather or during strenuous activity, so drink plenty of fluids and keep a lookout for symptoms such as dizziness, extreme fatigue and nausea. Although eating too much protein is not the best thing for your health, you might be OK if you’re healthy, as long as you take in enough carbs to avoid ketosis.
Some people actually gain weight eating mostly protein because they don’t keep track of calories, and they eat high-calorie, fatty proteins. Protein creates healthy red blood cells and antibodies which help to prevent diseases and regulate normal body functions.

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