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Tire exercises sledgehammer, muscle building tips pdf - How to DIY

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Sledgehammer training offers a highly effective way to build cardiovascular endurance alongside speed, accuracy and functional, total body strength. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank by buying a high tech sledgehammer online. In terms of selecting your sledgehammer weight, look to purchase a hammer between 16-20lbs.
Diagonal – Stand 2 foot from the tire at a 45 degree angle (feet shoulder width apart).
Vertical – Similarly, stand 2 foot from the tire, this time facing parallel to the target.

We suggest building a sledgehammer tire workout into your schedule alongside the tire flip in order to get more from your outdoor tire workouts. Back in June we talked you through how to get your hands on a heavy duty tire and why incorporating tire flip training into your routine is a great way of building strength and power. Again, many believe a 20lb sledgehammer is too light to have subsequent positive impacts on performance, however this simply isn’t true. When performing a sledgehammer workout, look to mirror the intensity and speed of a boxing bag workout – Focus on maintaining consistent power without losing momentum and strike accurately without losing focus. However, it’s not only the tire flip that you can use to develop your physical conditioning.

Much like fight training, if performed correctly, sledgehammer training will improve your bodies capacity to work at intense levels for long periods of time, while delivering steady and efficient releases of power.
Sledgehammer tire training has been used by power and combat athletes for decades, to build speed, endurance and power РNot to mention immense core strength. Moreover, sledgehammer training will improve athletic performance during competition (whether that be fighting or any other sport), as well as pull up strength and total body power .

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