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Thor hemsworth training, whey protein before workout how long - For Begninners

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For those of you who don’t know Chris Hemsworth, he is the 27 year old Australian actor that plays the star role in Thor. The Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout and Thor Diet is tested and true when it comes to big gains.
Just compare Chris Hemsworth powerful physique in Thor to his fitness model physique in Home & Away.
So good old fashioned HIIT work obviously combined with a proper diet as Chris Hemsworth himself revealed in an interview.

Chris Hemsworth is used to following a strict diet and doing rigorous weight-lifting workouts after gaining 20 pounds of muscle to play Thor two years ago.
The athletic Hemsworth, an avid surfer, boxer and rugby player, also made sure he got enough sleep to ensure his muscles would grow. Hemsworth has been working nonstop for the past few years because he realizes it's important to take job offers before they dry up. And while he admits the training regimen is tough, he also has learned a lot about being healthy.

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