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The rock pain and gain tank top, intense muscle workout - Test Out

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People made the guess that quite a few are probably receiving some intravenous anabolic help.
Again here too, big business which would be insane to put on the line over some stupid substances. I have a feeling it is partially a liability issue, and partially they pay someone else good money to get their bodies in shape. Go watch WWE's Royal Rumble 2013 then look at the size of the Rock on the Pain and Gain set two months after. You can easily find detailed workouts and food diets from celebrities if you look hard enough, but I wonder what it will do you good for. People who wants to know, what the celebrities do, are usually the ones wanting the easy shortcut (A bit of a generalization, but none the less true), and magazines will sell those ideas to the lesser educated.
People fail to understand that the best diet is common sense, which many seem to throw away when they want to lose weight or tone up.
You can find everything you want about fitness and bodybuilding online, basic and advanced. Claiming they reached those physiques purely by eating right and working out, while the main job is to take the right stuff (HGH, insulin, t3, etc. Too bad there's such a taboo on admitting you're using steroids, since it still takes time, genetics, effort, skill and dedication to excel in whatever you're doing. But then there's those with drastic changes in a short amount of time (usually females gaining then losing weight for a role, or after pregnancy), would not surprise me if they are cheating via questionable methods. Many, if not most, of celebrities have a personal trainer who attends them each day for their daily training.
Action stars sometimes pay $20-$30k for a 3 month bootcamp to get drilled into shape quickly, if they have no past experience with body building.

But specifically back to celebrities, for example Hugh Jackman in the new wolverine movie or that Henry dude from Superman or Dwayne Johnson, don't be a fool.. The WWE has nowadays a very strict anti-steroid screening in place, and doesn't shy back from firing even renown WWE superstars. Nutritionists and personal trainers are paid good money to take a look at that 1 persons body and work out an exact regime for that 1 body. And yes various organisations have clamped down on the use of these substances, but its easy with a small amount of knowledge to work out how long these things will stay in your system for before a potential test. His insane diet and extreme work out schedule he has for Hercules will help him maintain that build but he still slimmed down a hair and there's no possible way a man of his age could put on that much mass in such a short time without some assistance.
The matter of fact, is that when you find the so called 'celebrities workouts' in any major site or magazine, these are NOT the actual rutines and diets, but what might be reffered to as the wishful magical bullet. Deep in people know what to do, but are still attracted towards the easy-goto diet that works for a week perhaps, but inevitably ends up failing. Sure, a lot of celebs get aid from medical supplements, however, don't neglect the fact that they do still have a nutritionist and a personal trainer to design both the diet and training program, they still have to put some effort in to gain their size. However, you need to realize that there isn't anything specific to gain from it, they don't have any special techniques that can help you, they train just like any regular person would do. Having a personal trainer and nutritionist won't close the gap between a physique that's almost at its peak and a roided up body. No surprise there.Group 2 (no exercise, drug use) was able to build about 7 pounds of muscle. Pretty much any time you see anyone who is completely shredded with very impressive muscle mass, they are on drugs.
These are actually pretty amazing drugs that are very safe when used properly and allow people to do some pretty amazing things.

That's a result of the company becoming target of both, authorities and public years ago, after several wrestlers were caught for substance abuse.
The WWE might have a strict anti-steroid screening, but so do the Olympic Games, or any sports organisation in general, and most (professional) people that have an income based on their physical performances or looks use illegal substances there too. I can tell you right now, if you started the 'Dwayne Johnson' diet you would probably start to gain weight at a dramatic rate.
Sadly most sports have become about which 'athlete' finds the best way to use drugs without getting caught. Also, most personal trainers don't want their diets nor workout programs shared as they get paid for program planning.
They have a doctor prescribing them steroids, growth hormone, or some of the very few drugs that actually allow people to lose weight like T3 and DNP.
Unfortunately there is a huge stigma associated with them, but maybe that will change one day.
I have a SERIOUS problem with people using these drugs though and then telling other fools that they achieved their results with hard work and a clean diet.
Just becasue they cheat it doesn't mean you should aswell or feel less motivated for losing weight.
I frankly don't care what they do, none of my buisness, I've dropped alot of weight from eating less, excerising more.

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