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Supersets workout program, glute stretch pregnancy - Plans Download

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February 23, 2012 by Courtney 43 Comments I’ve got a great, full body superset workout for you guys today! Because there are no machines involved in this workout, you can easily perform these moves at home, at work, or anywhere else you have a set of dumbbells.
Oh this looks like a great work out, and perfect for me because I don’t have a gym membership at this time and do all my workouts at home. Just wanted to say that I decided to do this workout this morning and it was my first weights-related workout since my car accident 2 weeks ago.
I was doing the superset wrong until the very end- but then I figured out how its supposed to be done!

I was some what hesitant to do a leg workout, because Saturday morning we did another hilly run. Supersets are designed to cut out downtime between sets, which increases both your metabolism and your heart rate, because the body works harder afterward to recover. These are my favorite kinds lately… I just did a ST workout today, but will save this for Saturday! If I find myself in one, I challenge myself to do a circuit of all the lifting workouts I really struggle to do: pectoral moves, pull-ups, inverted crunches, single-leg squats. Since it was a nice and quite Sunday afternoon, we had plenty of space to workout together.

I like working out with supersets because I finish quicker, and I feel that I get a better workout as well. Our plan originally had us doing leg curls on a machine, but we decided to switch it up to the stability ball hamstring curls (check out those awesome workout gloves).

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