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Strongest man in the world wwe, dumbbell exercise for lower chest - For Begninners

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You might not believe that the same hands that maim, maul and dominate men of all sizes inside the ring also frequently turn the pages of Marvel's carefully bound comic books. Luke CageAt his hardened core, Cage has always been a jive-talkin', no-nonsense, beat-'em-up-type hero of the Harlem streets, a neighborhood familiar to the "World's Strongest Man," a current native of the New York City sect. But perhaps not even the colossal WWE Superstar could have imagined Marvel's latest epic crossover event, Secret Invasion, the realization of years' worth of nefariously tactful plotting by the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls. Luke CageStill, in the event that the character traditionally known as Power Man turns out to be, well, not Luke Cage at all, it won't be a total crush for Henry.

That's right, turning the pages of the Brian Bendis-scripted blockbuster, fans of vintage Marvel looks will find a pleasant surprise in the form of a canary yellow-bloused Cage, along with a slew of other heroes in garb not seen in some time, decades even. A204 BFightin' Fanboys CFind out what Marvel stuff makes WWE Superstars, UFC champions and TNA's best wrestlers geek out. In fact, the next time you see Mark Henry ripping off the doors of steel cages or lifting a four-door sedan on WWE television, consider the inspiration behind these feats of strength: the former Power Man, Luke Cage. More importantly, even an astute fan like Henry had not foreseen the possibility that the "Sweet Christmas"-hollerin' character he's devoted a lifetime to following might actually be one of the wrinkly-jawed race of extraterrestrials in disguise.

Like a glistening gem for the goliath and countless other SECRET INVASION readers, one shocking twist greeted Henry in the very first issue: One helluva throwback to the 1970s landscape of the Marvel Universe.

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