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Straight arm lat pulldown video, tips on losing belly fat - Review

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ACTION: Inhale and bring the bar to the thighs, keeping your arms extended (elbows can be slightly bent). Grasp the bar in an overhand grip with your palms facing down and your arms extended (but not locked out). In contrast to other lat exercises, the biceps is hardly involved while the triceps holds the elbow in position isometrically and the long head is also actively involved in the effort. Unilateral training (training each side independently) can solve this problem, creating optimal symmetry, and the one-arm lat pulldown is a great exercise for attacking this issue.
Reach up and grasp the handle with a neutral grip (palm facing in), with your torso fully erect, arm fully extended and chest out. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, take a deep breath and pull the handle to your upper chest, focusing on the lats and pulling your elbow back and down. Initiate the pull with slow, even force from the lats; jerking will cause your lower back and biceps to initiate the movement. To increase your lat involvement and range of motion, lean back as you pull through the movement.

Stand facing the weight stack at a lat-pulldown station with your feet shoulder-width apart. Reach up and grasp a standard lat-pulldown bar or long straight bar with an overhand (pronated) grip, hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight. Keeping your arms straight, pull the bar down toward your thighs in a wide, sweeping arc, focusing on using just your lats as you pull.
Exhale as you pass the midpoint of the move, and squeeze your lats hard once the bar reaches your thighs. Return to the starting position in a smooth, controlled motion, stopping once your arms are parallel to the floor.
For a great pump, use the straight-arm pulldown as a pre-exhaust move before compound exercises such as rows, or as a finishing move at the end of your back routine.
For a greater stretch on the lats, increase your forward lean and allow the bar to travel above your head, thereby increasing the range of motion. With: Add this isolation movement to your back routine of deadlifts, bent-over rows, seated rows and lat pulldowns.

While you can regularly overload your back with heavy compound movements such as rows, deadlifts and pulldowns, it's difficult to isolate your lats. Doing so will decrease the tension on your lats and could result in injury, particularly when using heavier loads. With the straight-arm lat pulldown, however, you can focus specifically on your lats without the worry of supporting muscle groups shouldering too much of the load.
With practice, this exercise can bring out fine details in your lat sweep, helping you achieve the much-desired V-taper. Add the straight-arm lat pulldown to your regular assortment of heavy movements for complete back development.

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