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Sprained shoulder rotator cuff, how to work out your abs at home for men - For You

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Your shoulder joint is a relatively unstable ball and socket joint that is moved and controlled by a small group of four muscles known as the rotator cuff.
As the name suggests, the rotator cuff muscles are responsible for shoulder rotation and form a cuff around the head of the humerus (shoulder ball). Your physiotherapist or sports doctor will suspect a rotator cuff injury based on your clinical history and the findings from a series of clinical tests.

A diagnostic ultrasound scan is the most accurate method to diagnose the specific rotator cuff injury pathology.
Your rotator cuff is an important group of control and stability muscles that maintain “centralisation” of your shoulder joint. We also know that your rotator cuff provides subtle glides and slides of the ball joint on the socket to allow full shoulder movement.

For more specific advice about your rotator cuff injury, please contact your PhysioWorks physiotherapist.

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