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Smith machine upright row alternative, david sandler wiki - Within Minutes

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For many people, being able to alter their grip position will be the main reason for choosing to perform upright rows with a barbell. If you do choose to lift with a close grip because you want to target your biceps, forearms and traps a bit more, then performing the upright barbell row with a cambered bar instead of a straight bar can take a lot of the strain out of the wrists if you pull the bar above your lower chest height. One of the key advantages of using dumbbells to perform upright rows is the fact that they can move independently of each other. To add more focus to improving your grip and forearm strength, whether performing upright rows with a barbell or dumbbells, you can even increase the width of the bar using an attachment such as a set of Fat Gripz. As well as the rope attachment, upright rows using a cable pulley system can also be effective if you use a straight bar, cambered bar, or even single handle attachment. While most Smith machines allow the bar to travel in a vertical plane, not all Smith machines are made the same way. If the Smith goes straight up and down, it doesn’t matter which way you position your body within the machine, but with an angled Smith machine you always want to consider the natural path of the bar.
START: Sit on a low-back bench placed inside the machine with your feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart.
POWER POINTER: Adjust the seat slightly forward or backward based on your shoulder comfort, an aspect the Smith allows over the free-weight version. START: Stand erect inside a Smith machine holding the bar in front of your upper thighs, with your chest up, shoulders back and eyes focused forward.
START: Lie back on a flat bench placed inside a Smith machine with your feet flat on the floor.

START: Lie back on a flat bench placed inside a Smith machine with your feet wide and flat on the floor. No matter which bodypart you’re training, the Smith machine affords you the luxury of implementing virtually any intensity technique or tactic at your disposal. This exercise can be done with a ez-bar, barbell, dumbbells, or by using the smith machine. Here’s a complete rundown on what advantages (and limitations) afforded by the Smith machine. Arguably the number one strength of the Smith machine is that it balances the weight for you.
This last one isn’t a stretch of the imagination by any means, because the Smith machine can actually give you a mental edge.
The Smith drag curl eliminates that arc completely because the bar is locked in the vertical plane, as well as any deltoid involvement from the equation. Using the smith machine will lock you in a fixed position so you don’t have to worry about balancing the bar, which could lead to injuries if you are a beginner.
It’s just that you need to know how and when the best times are to use the Smith in your workout.
Simply stated, there’s no other tool in any corner of your gym that allows you as many strength and growth options as the Smith. The Smith, however, allows you to power all the way through the full range of motion and allows you to safely let go of the bar at the top where you reach full extension.

If you’ve been avoiding the standard version due to discomfort, try a wide grip on the Smith and work your way around the pain. With the Smith however, you can completely focus all of your attention on either pressing or pulling the weight. Fortunately, you can incorporate barbell ballistic moves safely and effectively with the Smith machine. The Smith provides safety catches that you can adjust to different heights along the vertical columns. Being familiar with free-weight counterparts to Smith-machine moves will help you assess if you’re facing the proper direction. Because the Smith bar is in a fixed path, you can overload the stingy upper chest much like you can during incline presses.
Your squats, rows, and presses can all afford more weight than you’d otherwise even attempt with a free-weight bar. If you use an angled Smith machine to do your bench presses, you’d want to be positioned such that the path mimics the free-weight version, pressing it up and back over you. I will list the alternatives to keep the delts guessing, so they will always grow from doing the new exercises.

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