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Skinny calves big thighs, rear deltoid fly - Within Minutes

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My problem with pants is that my hips and thighs are slightly on the fuller side but my waist is smaller, so if something fits my legs it's usually too big in the waist and vice versa.
I have been really impressed with LOFT's jean selection because they have four different cuts of skinny jeans: the normal Modern Skinny or Curvy Skinny cuts and the Modern SUPER Skinny and Curvy Super Skinny cuts.
Look at a person with humongous calves and look at where the muscle actually ends(usually near their dam ankles lol).

It may suck because people will judge your leg size by your calves because that is all that they see. I remember being jelly of a friend in elementary who had calves just like yours, brtrentgl, and thinking she was soooo much stronger than me because her calves were gorgeous and round and looked amazing in skirts. It's only on rare occasions that both are the same size and in very extreme cases where the calves are bigger than the thighs.

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