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On the other hand, some people go along to the gym to spend hours on the treadmill, or other cardio machine, and do hundreds of crunches.  Neither of these approaches is likely to gives the solution for how to get a six pack fast.
Instead you could do something like a knee to elbow plank which would work much more of the body, or do something like a deadlift, which would work even more muscles in the body and really build muscle and burn calories.  Whichever exercise you use and yes you can do both, will really help you to understand how to build a six pack fast. To know how to get a six pack fast, you need to also understand that you need some consistency to your lean muscle building workout regime.  You need to ensure that you are working out at least four times per week to really ensure that the results come to you fast.

Having six-pack abs isn’t a coincidence; the desired look comes from a mix of cardio training, clean eating and core workouts.
Spinal flexion moves such as situps neglect the effective midsection moves that require no motion at all—the old-school isometric exercises that require you to brace your abs and hold for time. The benefits of the six-pack include standing out shirtless anywhere and an extra confidence boost since you have what so many yearn for.

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