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Ripe mango recipes, how to make 6 pack abs at home - For You

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While the mango season is still here, we bring you a selection of recipes tried and tested by our expert chef, Hari Chandana. Combine the buttermilk, salt, split green chillies, turmeric powder, rice flour, besan flour, mango cubes and a cup of water in a cooking vessel. A slight variation of this is to use pineapple along with the mangoes, popularly known as Avnas Ambya Sasam You could also add grapes to it for a spicy fruit salad. Let the mixture get cool and within 2 hours the Mango Burfi will get cold and be ready to eat. How to make mango burfi with Mawa Cook the Mawa and add it to the mixture of Mango Pulp and sugar once it gets thick.

How to make mango burfi with condensed milk Thicken the Mango Pulp, add condensed milk, and cook it till the mixture reaches to the consistence level of freezing.
As it is mango season now, I have compiled all the mango recipes both raw and ripe in a single page so that you do not have to go searching for mango recipes.
Who would have guessed that sweet, ripe mangoes could blend successfully with such a variety of flavours!
If the size of the mangoes is small (like the ones that grow in your backyard), you can just peel and use them. If you do not want its seed to hinder your mango munch, then squeeze the pulp or dice it into cubes and keep them aside.

So surprise your loved ones this mango season with a unique and interesting mango experience.
Amalgamation of sweet mangoes and the spicy sour curry is the secret to an authentic Konkani Ambya Sasam.

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