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In this article, we’ll discuss some forearm workouts and grip strengthening exercises.
Guys with big forearms are usually big all over, the result of years of working out with full-body compound movements coupled with a good bulking diet.
Since a powerful grip is one of the key factors in increasing your performance on compound pulling exercises like pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts, and power cleans, it stands to reason that a sensible forearm routine should focus not on curling moves, but on grip-building exercises. If you focus on training movements instead of individual muscles, you will reduce the risk of developing the weak spots that lead to injury.
Confusing article, seems to flip-flop between condemning forearm work and then supporting it.
He isn’t condemning forearm work in general, but rather stating that specific types of forearm training as less effective than others unless you are a body builder.

Being tall with a light frame, even after weight training for several months (including plenty of deadlifts, curls, and pullups), I found that my forearms did not grow significantly until I added wrist curls (alternating supinated and pronated grip) to my routine. Quick tip to help you add muscle mass:If you lift heavy but can't get any stronger, here are 3 useful pieces of gear to help you intensify your workouts.
Ez curl bars help you orient your wrists and elbows just right while you work on your biceps and triceps. But to get extra forearm size, they generally do wrist curls (and reverse wrist curls) that target the wrist and forearm flexors, in addition to hammer curls or reverse curls for the brachioradialis. Forearms differ from the upper arms in that they are composed of significantly more slow-twitch muscle. It’s easy to get fixated on your skinny wrists and forsake the rest of your muscular development.

I BUILD MY FOREARMS ALONG WITH MY BICEPS EXCERSISE AND REMEMBER TO DO REVERVSE GRIP FOREARM ROUTINE TOO. High-rep sets of wrist curls (and their variations) are one of the few isolation movements that I recommend.
It is best developed as a single unit, using compound exercises that engage as many muscles as possible. And since each one recruits a unique combination of muscle fibers, some of which don’t come into play for any other motion, all 7 must be done, for full development of your forearms.

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