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Reverse crunches while holding the dumbbell, anterior shoulder pain bench press - .

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Today I have a great total body strength workout to share with you and all you need is a set of dumbbells to get it done!
Increase intensity – no rest period between the two movements results in a higher intensity workout…which results in more calories burned! Add variety – they are a great way to mix up the structure of your workout and to challenge your body in new ways. Strength gains – super setting overloads the muscles due to the back-to-back nature of the workout. I have been using variations of this workout with classes and clients over the last week and received nothing but great feedback. For the chest press, begin on the back with dumbbells up and stacked directly over the shoulders. To perform the static lunge step one foot back behind you so that you are in a split stance.
To perform the weighted crunch either work from a bench with heels up and toes on the floor or work from the floor.
To perform the reverse crunch either work from a bench with arms reaching overhead and anchoring yourself by holding the bench or work from the floor with hands by the sides and palms pressing into the floor.
LOVE this workout and that you have the pics bc there were a few moves I wasn’t familiar with.
This looks like a great workout, especially when you are traveling and your hotel has limited fitness equipment – which is just what I’ll be doing next week!

Straighten your arms overhead and lift your feet off the floor so your knees are over your belly button.
As you exhale, use your abs to lift your bum off the ground, squeezing your knees into your chest. Do a total of 20 to 25 crunches, take a break, and repeat the exercise but reverse the breathing inhaling on the reverse crunch and exhaling as you control your bum back to starting position.
There are many ways to put together supersets but when I program them I like to either work opposing muscle groups or opposite movements.
Lower down by drawing the elbows down until they are parallel with the bench (or until they touch the floor if you’re working on the floor).
Lean over, keeping your spine straight and shoulders back, and keep the neck long by looking at the floor a few feet in front of you. Start with arms straight overhead and then bend at the elbows to bring the dumbbell back behind the head.
Hold a dumbbell at the chest as you crunch up, lifting the shoulder blades and pressing the low back down. This workout delivers on both points and features basic dumbbell movements in performed in challenging supersets. As you squat down keep the chest up, weight in the heels and the knees tracking over the toes and as you press up extend the dumbbells over your head and straighten your arms. Keep the chest up and the shoulders over the hips as you press into the front heel and keep the knee over the ankle.

As you move turn the toes up in the extending leg and keep the knee over the toe in the bending leg. As you do this try to relax the shoulders aways from the ears and keep the elbows squeezed in. I prefer to do total body workouts (at home) and it is so hard to find workouts that do hit all the muscle groups.
To keep your abs strong and your mind engaged while you engage you abs, you need to mix it up and do variations like this Dumbbell Crunch. You determine the intensity by how heavy you go with your dumbbells. In this particular workout I am asking you to perform 15 reps of two or three rounds of each superset before moving to the next super set. Remember, these are options and you can also just do the workout as written moving straight through.
Try to keep the butt down and chest up throughout all of the reps (so you never straighten both knees). The hand weights provide an extra challenge, and this move will tone your shoulders as well as your low abs. The static lunge is a sagittal plane movement (moving front to back) and the lateral lunge is a frontal plane movement (moving side-to-side).

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