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One of the most frequent questions and complaints is about getting results at the gym, most likely it's one of these reasons why you're not getting what you expect from your workouts. For my friends that are at the gym at least three times per week and aren’t reaching their goals, I have a few suggestions. When I first met Greg he was a frequent gym member and always had a great attitude in the gym. He hired me to help him get to where he wanted to be and ended up placing 2nd in the Wenatchee Gold’s Gym Challenge, 2007. You will work harder, be pushed further than you can imagine, and the results will be amazing!
There are three things to know about the U Street building that houses the Results Gym: It’s undergoing a massive renovation that will see a three-story expansion and a new rooftop pool.

Von Storch owns Results Gym’s building, as well as several businesses, among them Capitol City Brewing Company and Bang Salon. I’m 43 years old; I took 2nd place in the 2007 Gold Gym Contest in Wenatchee, Washington, working out under Jess! What the plans did not reveal is the backstory between two former business partners turned competitors—Results owner Doug Jefferies and Vida Fitness owner David von Storch—a saga with elements befitting the whole battle-of-the gyms plot of Dodgeball.
I want to own gyms,’” says Jefferies, who runs gyms at three other locations, including Capitol Hill, Farragut North, and Mt. I use the U Street Results from time to time in the afternoon, it has just been very convenient and allows me to get the daily workout over with before the evening rush at Belcrest Bally's or the Capital Hill Results. I understand that there are plans in the works to open a new gym facility in the Reeves Municipal Center where "Club U" used to be.

That’s when von Storch stepped in as a business partner; the Dupont Results opened in 1996.
Bally's is national and that is convenient, but Results is a better brand and is maintained better.

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