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Recovery drinks, lean bulk macro ratio - PDF Review

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Espn w: make-it-yourself recovery drinks, When it comes to convenience, nothing beats sports drinks. I love hot chocolate and the idea of combining it with a recovery drink is a top one- because a glass of cold chocolate milk is nice in summer but in winter something warming is lovely to look forward to after clocking up the miles in the cold.
These little dinky bottles are full of a protein drink that tastes pretty nice and doesn’t run the risk of the odour of dead animals that develops within five minutes of abandoning the empty shaker after a protein shake- a big win in my book. This entry was posted in Fuelling, Product reviews and tagged diet, fuel, fuelling, nutrition, protein shakes, recovery, recovery shakes, running nutrition on February 1, 2014 by Sarah Marsden.
This entry was posted in Fuelling, Product reviews and tagged beetactive, blueberryactive, cherryactive, fuelling, juice concentrates, muscle recovery, nutrition, recovery, supplements, tart cherry juice on August 29, 2013 by Sarah Marsden.
The book then contains over 100 recipes, handily organised into breakfast, soups and light meals, pasta, rice, polenta and gnocchi, couscous, lentils and pulses, desserts, cakes and energy bars, and drinks and smoothies. Finally, the book very helpfully contains some sample menu plans, which I thought were great, as they showed me examples of how I could combine the dishes to form a sensible menu for a general training day, or a Sunday when I have a long run to fuel for and recover from.
I kept it in the fridge for after a sufficiently long or hard training session, as I wanted to try it when I actually needed help recovering.

The drink itself tasted nice and chocolate-y, and was the thickness of normal chocolate milk. I’m not going to bore you with the pros and cons of what all the drinks claim they can do (or not do, as the case may be), but here are the basics to hydration and recovery.
A sports drink is defined as a beverage designed to help athletes rehydrate when fluids are depleted after training or competition.
Electrolyte replacement (which is essentially what sports drinks are) promotes rehydration, which is important in delaying the onset of fatigue during and post exercise. As you know from advertising there are lots of different kinds of drinks on the market that claim to be ‘sports’ drinks or healthy options.
There is however a new breed of ‘natural’ juices and drinks that can do the same job…if not better. Clif has the first recovery drink made with more than 70% organic ingredients for a healthy, natural way to keep in top form. I tried the CherryActive and BlueberryActive juices with ice in straight after hard workouts and really enjoyed them- they’re both quite tart in taste and were a nice contrast to sickly sweet sports drinks.

They claim to be 3x more effective than most probiotic milk drinks at delivering around a billion good bacteria to the intestine, as well as being chock-full of antioxidants (as it’s dark chocolate) as well as being cholesterol, gluten and wheat free, containing no added dairy.
Electrolyte replacement is also good to consider if you have stayed up late with a few too many drinks of another kind.
The sachets mix really easily and make a smooth, nice drink (and are also shaped really sensibly so they’re easy to neatly tip into a bottle or shaker). I found the format of the recipes to be great, because the organisation into sections allows me to find recipes for a particular meal quickly, and the nutritional information and recipe key allows me to choose dishes that are most suited to preparing for or recovering from training sessions. If you’re new to exercise,  been feeling sluggish post exercise, or want to get more out of your session…you should look at what you’re drinking.

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