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Rear delt cable lat raise, exercise for the obliques - PDF Review

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Grasp the D-handle attached to the cable with the hand farthest from the stack and lean your chest against the bench.
Keeping your working arm slightly bent, raise the cable out to your side as high as possible. Slowly lower the cable back to the start but do not let the weight stack touch down at the bottom before beginning your next rep.

You can schedule it early in your routine to pre-exhaust the delts or put it at the end to flush the muscle. Wrapping your nonworking arm around the bench to further anchor yourself, you can target the rear delt precisely. Opening and closing the angle of your elbow will immediately involve your triceps and remove the emphasis from your rear delt.

However, whereas during the cable version constant tension on the rear delt is easy to maintain, a common mistake during the reverse pec-deck is to allow the weights to touch down at the start, so keep an inch or so of space between the plates on each new rep.

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