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Randy couture workout tower 200, workout dvd for men - Plans Download

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The Tower 200 by Body by Jake is resistance band training equipment that you install onto any standard door.
Homemade Power Rack and Lat Tower Aug 05, 15 08:14 AMHomemade Power Rack and Lat Tower. Jaffe and Cindy M.I recently bought the Tower 200 and thought I should give it a solid review. It offers 200lbs resistance and 200 different types of workouts, hence the 200 in the name.

It would have been nice if the Tower 200 came with a second pair of handles, as shown on the DVD. I've read on other sites that other products made by "Body by Jake" aren't very high quality, but I must say that the Tower 200 is has VERY good construction.
I'll be honest I really DO like the Tower 200 and I don't regret paying for it, but for most people reading this website, you'd want to save your money and buy a new set a dumbbells or barbells or something.Dumbbells are cheap and probably give you a BETTER workout too. I'm not sure where the 200lbs resistance comes from because they actually have a maximum 40lbs resistance on each hand.

With the Tower 200 you can definitely push yourself hard because of its solid construction and you can't drop it through the floor.Despite the minor issues mentioned above, the Tower 200 is overall a highly versatile and compact system that offers a lot of bang for your buck. This is why the 11 minute workout is so good for beginners like me who are trying to get back in shape.

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