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Quad extensions without machine, fat loss tips - Reviews

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I am not going to lie, most of the gym machines that seem to cover most of the floor are overrated. The leg curl machine works the back of the legs and often you’ll see people going between the curl and the extension for an “even” workout. You’ve seen it, the machine where you sit down, and your legs are opened up nice and wide with a pad either on the inside of the knees or the outside. It’s important to work small stabilizer muscles which you would if you were doing these exercises sans machine, because it will make you stronger and more fit overall and help prevent injuries as you progress.

The leg extension targets the quads (upper thighs) but even more so it puts a lot of stress on the knees.
Examples include: plank holds, wood choppers (on the cable machine), back extensions, and lunge walks, that’s right, lunge walks are great for the core. Plus, the beloved smith machine often times is on a very strange angle, one that is unnatural for any move.
My favorite exercises for quads include split squats, squat jumps, and straight leg deadlifts.

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