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Prowler workout sled, workout videos for abs and arms - Review

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With my owning training recently I have added in a lot more sled work for fat loss and conditioning.
Last year around this time I was leaner and the only difference was that I really did a lot of sled training. Now if only I could like like Arnold in Conan it would make all the sled training worth while :).
If you are not doing any sled training get started, and if you are doing sled training keep it going. Where as strength training is a skill that needs to be taught pushing a sled is very easy to teach and very easy to learn. Do it for time, Do it for speed, Do a Pyramid, Push It, Pull It, Do Sled Suicides, Do Sled Intervals.
Literally the way you can do sled training is unlimited and you should always be able to make it challenging and fun (well as much fun as sled training can be).

With sled work you can get an intense conditioning and fat loss based workout easily in under 20 minutes.
The sled has very little chance of causing an injury as well it will help make your body strong and durable and able to deal with injuries and help you recovery faster.  Sled work will improve glute strength, core strength, stabilizing muscles and lots more so the sled has numerous benefits for not causing injuries but also preventing them (double win). Considering we have had literally thousands of clients use our sleds I’d consider this very low. However, sled work can be very hard on the Achilles, calves and lower leg area so be sure to ease into it.
Like sprinting your body has to be ready for that type of movement so at first with your sled training be sure to go slow and steady. In my opinion I can’t honestly think of a full body training tool better than the sled.
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What we did was set up 2 cones 15 yards apart and took turns pushing the prowler sled with different amounts of weight on it. There’s plenty of benefits to using the prowler sled as it can get any athlete into amazing shape.
Inside you'll find a FREE workout with videos from the Youth, Junior, Elite, and In-Season sections of the manual. Just a few days ago, I was out training some of my hockey players getting ready for AAA tryouts and we took the prowler sled out for some sprint training.

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