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Combine the egg and egg whites then add the protein powder and baking powder plus sweetener if needed.
I know just what you mean, since I started to see the amazing kinds of pancakes you can get via blogs I’m hooked! I’m entering the competition too so will definitely be making pancakes and I can’t wait! I love pancakes now- but yes normally the little ones, not the crepe ones as they are harder to make!
I will indeed be having pancakes for dinner tomorrow- I think some savoury ones with marmite and cream cheese, and then of course a sweet one, maybe with nutella too.
I love making Paleo Coconut Flour pancakes, but unfortunately they take such a long time to cook!

Eating a protein packed breakfast doesn't always mean drinking some shake or eating a carton of eggs. Heat some coconut oil (or spray oil etc) in a frying pan over a medium high heat and pour out the batter to form small pancakes.
I have just started making very simple banana pancakes РI am a rubbish cook but feel inspired to try out some more pancake recipes now as they feel like such a treat to have for a relaxed weekend breakfast. I am going to make some for breakfast tomorrow, and then have proper pancake dinner on wednesday as I am working tomorrow evening. While skillet is heating, place all the high protein pancake ingredients and only ? cup of cranberries in blender. But every since I discovered gluten free flours and vegan baking, the world of pancakes is shiny and new!

Try these protein pancakes to enjoy a guilt free breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning. Using a large spoon, pour out enough of the high protein pancake batter to make 2 medium sized pancakes in the skillet.
Enjoy this high protein treat topped with some fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, agave nectar or create your own syrup at home with the topping recipe listed below.

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