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Preacher curls at home, healthy foods to lose weight - For Begninners

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Some of the most memorable and motivating photographs I’ve ever seen were black-and-whites of Scott training in his prime — real high-intensity training shots, including barbell and dumbbell preacher curls. Many bodybuilders who have short, ‘knotty’ biceps used the preacher curl a great deal in an effort to try to lengthen their biceps and produce a better shape, but they never managed to do it do.
To involve your biceps completely on preacher curls, take a fully supinated grip on the barbell or dumbbells.

Safely performed, the preacher curl is an option, but it won’t do anything to change the shape of your biceps.
Although Scott attributed a lot of his extraordinary biceps development to preacher curls, it was his genetically determined biceps length and shape that were the biggest factors.
If you rush into intensive preacher-curling — even if you use correct technique — you may be in for extremely sore, if not injured, lower biceps.

He would still have had fantastic biceps if he’d never done a single preacher curl, provided he had worked hard on other curls.

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