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For beginners just starting their adventures in Pilates, this video offers a great starting point. Also included in the DVD is a Pilates tutorial, a 10-minute abdominal and glute workout, and a five-minute Pilates weight-loss segment. The tutorial is almost essential for those brand-new to Pilates and a good idea for those who need to dust off their mat.

The glutes and abs session is certainly not Pilates-centered, but I won't complain about a rear-end tutorial — I felt the sting and appreciated the change of pace after my leisurely mat exercise. Pilates expert Kristin McGee has a new Acacia DVD with the straightforward title Pilates For Beginners ($14). Finally, the five-minute Weight Loss Pilates bonus is a good way to add some oomph to a 30-minute workout.
After a quick 10-minute warm-up, Pilates virgins will have the confidence to take on the rest of the exercises daily.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this DVD to someone interested in the Pilates practice.
For those who are more advanced, it is still a useful video as you can add your own challenges and almost guarantee a burn in the bod.

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