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Although I'm not a fan of Acasica's title choice for its DVD series being "Weight Loss," I enjoyed Weight Loss — Cardio Sculpt and Weight Loss — Cardio Kick workouts. The cardio portion involves plyometrics, Pilates jumping jacks, Running Plank, and ballet moves such as plies. Kristin appears in the Pilates For Beginners DVD too, but I actually liked this video better because it combines Pilates with cardio. This five-part, 50-minute workout is another effective 10 Minute Solution DVD that comes with a free gift — in this case, a pretty pink toning ball. The video takes you through familiar Pilates mat work, but the addition of the ball makes this more of an intermediate or advanced workout. Certified Pilates and fitness instructor Ellen Barrett leads this series of three ten-minute workouts targeted to train the belly, butt, and thighs. For beginners just starting their adventures in Pilates, this video offers a great starting point.
Also included in the DVD is a Pilates tutorial, a 10-minute abdominal and glute workout, and a five-minute Pilates weight-loss segment.

Though I identify more with host Jessica Smith of the Belly, Butt, and Thigh Blasters DVD with sculpting loop, I prefer this workout and its accompanying equipment more. Throughout the five 10-minute segments — standing sculpt, total body workout, buns and thighs, core conditioning, and strength and flexibility — the ball sometimes stands in for a Pilates reformer machine, while at other times, it adds a balance challenge.
The tutorial is almost essential for those brand-new to Pilates and a good idea for those who need to dust off their mat. The Pilates portion includes basic exercises like the 100s, Double Leg Pulls, and Mermaid Side Planks. As with most DVDs, once you learn the moves, her directions become easier to follow — though the workout still feels fast! This DVD is offers the user either one 30-minute workout or three 10-minute workouts, each of which focuses on a different area of the body.
The glutes and abs session is certainly not Pilates-centered, but I won't complain about a rear-end tutorial — I felt the sting and appreciated the change of pace after my leisurely mat exercise. Pilates expert Kristin McGee has a new Acacia DVD with the straightforward title Pilates For Beginners ($14).

Finally, the five-minute Weight Loss Pilates bonus is a good way to add some oomph to a 30-minute workout. Just be sure to listen to her tips on form; Pilates is most effective when you concentrate on the movements.
After a quick 10-minute warm-up, Pilates virgins will have the confidence to take on the rest of the exercises daily. All in all, I would definitely recommend this DVD to someone interested in the Pilates practice.

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