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Physical exercise tips video, easy way to get abs fast - Try Out

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We had a look at two of these virtual worlds, and found out whether they are working to improve physical activity in kids, and if they could be used with PE classes to encourage physical activity in kids. There are two types of sporting virtual worlds, those that actively encourage kids to get out and exercise using tracking technology, and others that use gameplay to teach healthy eating and exercise. FunGoPlay is a sports themed virtual world that encourages kids to be active, healthy and exercise.
The site actively encourages physical activity and with their line of sporting goods that integrate with the virtual world, it  could be used to supplement physical activity teaching.

Camp Pete is another sports themed virtual world that teaches sportsmanship, healthy habits and basic football skills by celebrity coach Pete Carroll. Kids learn how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle on and off the football field by watching videos of the coach and playing football-style games.
All of these resources are excellent for getting kids more active, but in particular when they are used in conjunction with real-life physical activity. We’re giving you helpful exercise videos from our resident fitness expert, plus great tips on how you can lose weight by keeping an active lifestyle.

Coach Carroll teaches kids healthy habits, leadership skills, basic football skills and exercise tips through a selection of videos.

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