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Perfect 6 pack abs, side plank with pulse - .

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Case in point: Out of all of the questions I get from my readers “how do I get a six pack” or “what are the best ab exercises” are by far the most frequently asked questions.
If you know anything about my training philosophy, you’ll know that I don’t believe training the abs directly is the most efficient approach to building six pack abs. So with that being said, you must understand that the real key to building a shredded 6 pack is simply losing all the excess bodyfat that is covering your abs.
Regardless of how intense the burn may be from crunches and sit-ups, neither one of these exercises is all that effective in building six pack abs.
So now that you know some of the best ab exercises to do to build better abs, here is an ab workout to try where you can put it all together. I figured that by really dedicating myself and doing crunches every day I would have decent abs by now, but I cannot see any visible results. Everyone has ab muscles, the only problem is that for 99.9% of the population those abs are covered by a layer of blubber. I usually train abs 3 times per week but I’ve never done most of the exercises listed here.

There you'll be able to download my 240 page six pack abs guide, which will show you step-by-step how to get ripped fast just like the top fitness models.
Now this strategy may make perfect sense based on common logic, but it is highly ineffective when analyzed using biomechanics. I do have abs of my own (decent abs at least), and I’ve helped countless others achieve equal or greater success with my six pack abs program.
Millions of people unfortunately waste hundreds of thousands of hours in the gym each year doing hundreds of sets of abs.
Give the same level of intensity to your abs that you would your biceps or triceps on a tough day of training.
It can be tempting to train abs everyday but as I said earlier, abs are muscles just like any other. His book, The 6 Pack Secret, has been sold in over 50 countries and has helped thousands of folks from all walks of life get cut and jacked the healthy way. I think I will try that workout tomorrow since I usually do abs on Mondays and let you know how it goes.

For this reason alone, building the upper abs is usually pretty easy, but as a result the lower abs can get neglected.
Focus more on training your lower abs exclusively because lower ab training will still give you amazing upper abs as well. You can train abs a bit more frequently than you can other muscles but training them more than 2 or 3 times per weekly is just overkill. In order to effectively work your abs and avoid overtraining, keep your reps around 20 or less but add resistance to increase the difficulty level.

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