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Optimum whey protein side effects, losing stomach fat fast - Review

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THE TRUE STRENGTH OF WHEYWhey Protein Isolates (WPI) are the purest form of whey protein that currently exists. I have used ON 100% Whey Gold Standard for a couple years and it stands alone in taste, value and quality.
ON's 100% Whey Gold Standard is what i think to be easily considered the best protein on the market.
I've tried a few brands of whey protein, and stopped after I tried Optimum Nutrition's 'Extreme Milk Chocolate'. I have been using whey gold standard for a month now and it has had dramatic effects on my body. Im from the UK and i've been using 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD for 2 months now, not only does it taste good but has also helped me build my body size by a quarter in just 2 months. I have been using 100% Whey Gold Standard for 2 weeks now, the variety pack flavors are so delicious, it tastes so delicious and satifys my sweet tooth without any guilt! I've used many other protein supplements before but nothing tastes or mixes as well as 100% Whey Gold Standard. Champion nutrition pure whey is a complete protein shake which is low in sugar, low in carb and lactose.
This nutritional whey protein is rich in glutamine with a high concentration of essential amino acids and nutrients needed for adequate muscle growth.

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate, cocoa, whole milk powder, fructose, salt, natural and artificial flavoring, potassium caseinate, acesulfame potassium. The protein tastes good and doesn’t leave a funky after taste like some of the other brands. As a regular user of protein supplements, I have tried several and this product compares favorably to the best of them. Always dreaded protein drinks before, with all the endless stirring and less than desirable tastes!!! I have not found any other protein shakes that taste good that has low carbs and sugars like ON.. I feel it is the best economy protein powder available in the market which has helped me get close to the desired results.
It is the only whey that I have tried that mixes completely, leaves not clumps, and tastes great.
This is my first time using Champion Pure Whey and the Vanilla is quite good tasting and mixes well in a blender, or blender bottle with very little after taste, even without adding any fruit, etc.. You will be only getting Whey and NOT that great composition found in 100% Whey Gold Standard.
It offers and economical way to maintain your daily intake of high quality protein at a very low cost.

This is by no means a bad thing, because unlike some other protein powders that are too sweet, this product allows you to add things such as different fruits to suit your own taste. I read that you should get at least 5 grams of BCAA with your whey protein to aid in recovery and lean mass building, guess what, you GET THEM in 100% Whey Gold Standard. It is the only protein that completely eliminates the unsavory taste of protein, and tastes just like a real cup of Joe. Now im drinking Double Rich Chocolate and im not really a chocolate fan but it really is nice, I also find it mixes better with soya milk and also boost's the protein by 7-8g depending on what soya you mix it with. Just my nitpicking, but enough to make me consider another brand like Optimum Nutrition for example, that does have the additional seal.
I give this a well needed Five Star rating, because good Protein is a big priority in my life and taste is important.

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