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Neck shoulder back pain exercises, shoulder sprain - PDF Review

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Since we spent most of our day sitting at a desk at work, many people experience neck and shoulder tightness which results in neck- and shoulder pain. Our Nordixx branded poles, with specially designed hand straps in combination with a long arm swing [the proper Nordic pole walking technique] strengthens and relaxes your shoulder and neck muscles, with each stride. EMG-measurement showed that electrical activities of the muscles in the upper body neck-shoulder-upper back) where significantly higher when walking with poles. Pole walking training diminished neck and shoulder symptoms and subjective feeling of pain.

After three months my doctor told me that my blood pressure and insulin levels were back to normal, and needed no medication. The results, relaxed and muscles that can accommodate proper blood flood, this in turn diminishes the pain. I love being outside, exercising OUT of the gym, creating community with amazing women and the amazing leadership you provide us.
I have back, hip and shoulder injuries so I simply could not do what those around me were doing.

I love the focused purpose it gives to my weekly walks now!JenniferToronto, ONNordic Pole Walking brought me back to life.

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