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Neck pain exercises summit, squat thrusts benefits - Reviews

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Click here to view resource books on spine problems, what causes back pain, what causes neck pain and when to see the doctor.
At Summit Spinecare we develop home exercise programs that are customized for an individual's specific back problem. New spine surgery instrumentation & techniques enable Summit Spinecare surgeons to make smaller incisions to access the spine.

Click here to access a narrated video library and print handouts that show what causes back & neck pain, and how various spine surgeries are performed. Click here to see exercises that help you relieve pain symptoms and make your back stronger, more flexible and resistant to future strain. Click here to see medical illustrations that show common spine problems and the pain symptoms they can create.

In addition to our orthopedic & sports medicine physicians, we provide spine care, hand care, pain care, joint replacement, physical therapy, X-ray and MRI diagnostics.

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