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Neck pain and dizziness shoulder pain, how to lose weight fast for women - Try Out

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Problems with your head and neck can be the cause of all sorts of acute and persistent pain that can lead to a reduced quality of life for you and your loved ones, such as disturbed sleep, low mood and stress and anxiety. Problems with the muscles and joints in your neck can be a direct cause of head pain or a maintaining factor that increases the frequency and severity of the headache until they occur daily leading to a much reduced quality of life. Osteopaths are well-placed to work alongside your GP to help determine the cause of your head pain and give relief to the pain and stress headaches can cause.

We are able to give off-work certificates when necessary although research shows that the longer you are off work for, the more likely you are to have pain in the long term. Recent road traffic incidents can cause neck pain, headaches and often frightening symptoms such as dizziness and disturbed vision, chest pain or tingling in the hands, to name but a few. By coordinating with your employers or legal representatives we can advice that light duties are given and ensure you are getting the best possible help in terms of your health.

Long-standing injuries can also present themselves when you least expect it causing a sudden onset of head or neck pain and even dizziness.

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