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Muscles six pack, workout to get abs in a month - Within Minutes

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If you could just lose enough fat around your stomach, you’d be able to reveal your abs, and voila — there’d be a six pack right there. Every day that you try and ignore your strength building — while simultaneously pursuing the goal of a six pack — is a wasted day. These people always look ridiculous — they never have the ripped, balanced, kick-ass body that’s perfectly capped by a set of six pack abs, but rather the opposite.
But listen, I am not saying you have to become a bodybuilder to get six pack abs, NOT AT ALL! What I am doing to loose fat and get six pack is to combining the upper body to the lower body in super sets. I think that people automatically assume to get ripped or six pack abs they should focus on a high amount of cardio. Having a well-defined set of abs, will be completely useless if they covered by a thick squishy layer of fat.  Thankfully, there are many effective ways of building muslce and to lose fat on stomach to achieve your desired six pack goals. The traditional six-pack refers to the muscle groups across the front of the abdomen, namely the rectus abdominis. We’ve all seen pictures on magazine covers of people with enviably defined stomach muscles.

When training your abdominal muscles, it is important to integrate them into an all-over body program so that you remain in complete musculo-skeletal balance. With this simple program, by targeting the correct muscles and exercising correctly, rapid results can be obtained.
Consistency with your training is the key and if you follow the six-minute six-pack program, you will see and feel the difference in your whole body.
Chris_Whitehead 'It's good that the article stresses that the model image of a six-pack is not really attainable without starving yourself. The idea that you can lose enough fat to reveal your six pack without building muscles anywhere else is incredibly impractical and likely unsafe. But you’d be amazed to see the tunnel vision that some people have — they see a six pack, and decide that a cardio-based fat loss plan is the only real way to achieve it. Yes you can get six pack abs without building any of your other muscles (including your abdominal muscles) but you will have to get REALLY ripped. However, the obliques and transverse abdominis are also part of your abdominal muscles and specific core muscles including the multifidus should not be ignored in your training program. If you simply focus on exercises to build a six-pack and nothing else, you unbalance the body which can lead to injury.

Lift the shoulders from the floor by contracting the erector spinae (lower back muscles) and keeping the head and neck in line with the spine. And by the same token, anyone who tried to develop only a six pack — either through pure fat loss or by only training the abs (an awful, insane idea), would look just as bad.
It is much better and easier to build some muscle and combine that with a good clean diet and workout program to get lean so that your six pack abs become the cherry on top of a great body rather than them being the whole cake!
Lift the pelvis up from the floor as high as possible and hold the position, fully contracting the core muscles. So what I am saying is do some weight training, get some more shape, build some muscle because then you will get six pack abs much faster and easier. Because he is well proportioned and has a good amount of muscle to show his body’s over all shape, not just his abs and that is what you want to do as well!

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