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Muscles in back of head, fitness ball workout - PDF Review

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To answer this, let's think of the head as a teeter-totter, with your spine as the fulcrum.
If you tense up the muscles in the front of the fulcrum (in your spinal column), then we have a counter balance. To illustrate this, lets look at an EMG (electromyogram) which measures electric currents in muscle.

The graph below shows the relationship between the jaw muscles and the muscles in the back of the neck. Now can you understand the anatomical relationship (see the model of the jaw image above) and the physiological (EMG) relationship of the the masticatory muscles (chewing muscles). You may already be familiar with how the line in an EKG monitor is flat until the heart beats, at which point there there is a peak caused by the electric current in the heart muscle.

A green electrode pad is placed on the masseter muscle (cheek muscle) and a blue electrode is placed on the back of the neck (Trapezius muscle).

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