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Mike o hearn workout, get a six pack - Test Out

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Mike O’Hearn has a 12-week workout designed for individuals who want to look like him. Five minutes into my conversation with Mike O'Hearn, I realized that the guy is all about destroying myths and rewriting the rule book. DY: If you're doing a tour or a tryout, there are going to be guys who are as physically capable as you, but there has to be something inside Mike O'Hearn that is different—something that says, No, no, no, I cannot allow myself to be defeated. This helps him do better while working out and ensures his muscles get nutrition after he heavy lifts. If you focus on squats, bench presses, deadlifts and chins—stick with basic heavy exercises—you'll get big, your arms will grow, and you'll be strong.

Whitney was in town training with Mike, so I asked Whitney if it was true that Mike handles the kind of weight he says he does. He really emphasizes lifting extremely heavy weights, so expect to push yourself to do more than you’ve ever done when you do his workouts.
Generally he’ll eat anywhere from 4,500 to 3,500 per day, depending on what workouts he is doing and how he wants to look.
Because his physique is so noticeable, Mike has a large following of fans that want to achieve his same fitness level.
So, expect to do a lot of heavy lifting while pushing yourself to the limit during workouts.

They're appreciative, and it's a heartfelt thing to be able to say, "Thanks for being over here." I just want to apologize to some of the troops for some of the arm bars I put on them. Everyone looks at me like, "Dude, you're crazy." In the mid-'90s everyone at Gold's was lifting heavy.

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