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Fortunately, the producers had a rethink and 30-somethings Bennett and Andy Whitfield were cast in the lead roles, although executive producer Rob Tapert's long memory prompted a worrying late phone call to Bennett. When asked why he thinks the show has been such a global phenomenon (he gets Facebook and Twitter messages from people in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa), Bennett compares it to the Oscar-winning movie Crash.
Bennett says he will miss coming to Auckland each year to shoot the series (''it allowed me to re-source my Maori identity and history''), but he has another job in New Zealand this winter, working on a little film trilogy called The Hobbit.
Like Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings, Bennett received an eleventh-hour call from Sir Peter Jackson.

Throwing himself into the role, Bennett started bombarding Jackson and his fellow writers with questions about the emotional capacity of the character. The bemused director eventually agreed and it was little touches like that that led Jackson and others to declare Bennett the breakout star of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
Currently Bennett is getting adjusted to the no less plastic-filled world of Los Angeles, earning his keep with a recurring role on new DC Comics-inspired TV series Arrow and discovering first hand the feverish fan worship that Spartacus engenders. Full ­body training, where a workout consists of a push, pull and leg exercise, is enough to keep your muscles growing for months while enabling you to shed pounds.

He's exactly where we want him, so we're going to make a lot more of him in parts two and three.''That leaves Bennett not only excited by the prospect of what's in store on screen but also off screen.

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