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Mandy blank saradas, does the smith machine work - Try Out

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The top amateur show of the year is back again featuring 50 of the best national women including Brenda Raganot, Vilma Caez, Michelle Ivers, Renee O'Neill, Becky Rampey, Mah-Ann Mendoza, Stacy Garonzik, Kathryn Connors, Christi Wolf, Sharon Robelle, Annie Riviecchio, Gisele Haddad-Sass, Robin Parker, Nursel Gurler, Heather Foster, Ann Marie Crooks, Theresa Bostick, Denise Gerard, Stacey Seaver, Lynn McCrossin and many others ! For both of these events, the entire prejudging and finals are included, featuring all comparisons and great fitness routines for 30 regional and national competitors, including Cynthia Bridges, Shannon Meteraud, Julie Wallis, Sheena Boccialone, Linda McLaughlin, 18 year old Shana Martin and many others. The finals only are included for these three top 1999 contests, and some of the well-know women competing include Carrie Ledford, Toni Norman, Sherry Smith, Vonda Kline, Bonnie Priest, Debbie D'andrea, early Deniz Odar, Stacey Seaver, Denise Hoshor, Heather Foster, Carla Haug, Carmen Brady, Amy Lindsay, Stephanie Starr, Dawn Riehl, Pavla Brantalova and many others. For this video, you see the 15 evening routines for the 3 contests- a total of 45 routines, and some of the name women include Iris Kyle, Heather Foster, Debi Laszewski, Ann-Marie Crooks, Kelly Felske, Denise Hoshor, Lauren Hart, "Sharee" Scadron, Yaz Boyum, Stacey Seaver, Kim Harris, Jayne Trcka, Trish Swander, Bethany Howlett, Brenda Raganot, Vilma Caez, Michelle Ivers, Renee O'Neill, Christi Wolf, Sharon Robelle, Annie Rivieccio, Gisele Sass, Robin Parker, Denise Gerard and many others- quite a lineup!
This one featured 60 top fitness women, including Mandy Blank, Shannon Meteraud, Cynthia Bridges, Laura Mak, Vicki Anderson, Linda McLaughlin, Jenny Hendershott and many others.

The women had to hold high straddles (one woman managed 3 minutes!), one arm pushups (one woman did 50!) and barbell curls with 50% of bodyweight (one woman did over 100!).
Nearly 30 routines are shown, including those for Shannon Meteraud, Cynthia Bridges, Che Swagger and many others. For some reason we did not do gymwork with her, but she poses in many outfits for both sessions, is interviewed and her stage routine at the Tana is included. For the December session, she lifts very heavy with Sheila Burgess, then poses in many more outfits- one of the best women of all time. For both sessions she posed in many bikinis and dresses, and when off-season she did repwork in the gym (tandem with fitness woman Lois Smucker) and was interviewed.

Renee was one of our favorite physique models for a few years based on her incredible physique and long mane of wavy red hair, but after lots of success in the national amateur contests, she left the scene just a bit too soon, as pro status was certainly a probability for her. Sheena then poses in her black thong leotard, purple dress and two other black dresses and is interviewed.

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