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If you have been paying attention to my Social Networks as of late I have been recently obsessed with the 1980’s hit TV Show, The Facts of Life.
There are television shows we remember fondly from our childhood, for me “Who’s the Boss”, “Growing Pains” and “The Facts of Life” are the few that come to my 80’s-born mind. Even though you may have been an avid viewer at the time or are revisiting the show today on Netflix like I did, there still may be some unknown facts that you do not know about the television show The Facts of Life. When I heard that The Facts of Life had made its way onto Netflix Canada, I pulled it up on my TV and through my Nintendo Wii I became addicted to it all over again. The reason Tootie wore roller skates for the first season of The Facts of Life was to avoid odd camera angles because she was too short. In 1988, when The Facts of Life aired its final episode on NBC, it had earned the distinction of being the longest running NBC prime-time series at the time.

In television history, The Facts of Life was the first television show to feature an all-female cast. The original cast of the 4 girls that were cut out of the show after the first season Julie Anne Haddock (Cindy), Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann), Felice Schachter (Nancy), and Molly Ringwald (Molly) did make periodic appearances throughout seasons 2 and 3 and a reunion show in the 8th season, minus Molly. Felice Schachter who played Nancy was the first cast member to be picked for The Facts of Life and unfortunately the first to be cut after the first season. The Facts of Life was one of the first television shows to feature a person with cerebral palsy as a recurring character. Alan Thicke known for his role as the Father on Growing Pains was one of the writers who composed the theme song for The Facts of Life. The Facts of Life had two TV movies; one was The Facts of Life Goes to Paris and the other The Facts of Life Down Under.

Although compared to today’s television, the show would seem innocently written, but for the 80’s, The Facts of Life tackled many hard topics and social issues that were not easily talked about during that time.
Lisa, with the support of the producers of the Facts of Life, asked for this not to happen since for the long haul this would change Blair who had honed the character to be a funny spoiled brat.
Fortunately for Lisa (and us) she had auditioned for The Facts of Life too and got the part. This is how Mindy Cohn became Natalie and how Natalie came to life as the character was built around Mindy.

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