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Leaning out tips, how to get rid of your belly fat fast - PDF Review

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Leaning out doesn’t mean cutting entire food groups, ditching all compound movements, or skipping the weights to spend long hours on the treadmill. Along with eating enough protein each day, resistance training is vital if you want to maintain your muscle mass as you lean out. As I mentioned in a blogpost HERE a couple of weeks ago, I recently lost 22 lbs (from 246 lbs to 224 lbs) and leaned out considerably. After much deliberation, I decided to narrow things down to five main tips that should help you on your way to leanness, should that be your goal.
When I was at The Fitness Summit a couple of months ago, some of my colleagues noticed that I looked leaner and asked me what I was doing in order to lean out. Cabbage, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli are great foods you can eat in high volume without feeling like you’ve maxed out on your daily calorie quota.
However, you can learn from my strategization and experimentation in order to help you figure out the methods and systems that best suit your individuality.

Simply cutting these out of your diet will create the same caloric deficit as all of that exercising above (6-8 hours of total activity). Leaning out is all about learning how to dial in your macronutrients (nutrients that provide calories or energy) the right way, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived. Nevertheless, having leaned out myself and having helped numerous clients lean out over the years, I believe that I have some good insight to share.
If I only eat that way 1-2 days per week, then the 80+% statistic I threw out there is legit. The body has inherent set points for bodyweight and bodyfat, so when you drop down, your body responds by sending out hunger signals.
It seems many wanting to dial in their diet and lean out are counting macros, which obviously takes the guess work out of it. Whether it be going to a gym and slamming around a few weights, following an at home fitness program, or being a cardio bunny pounding out the miles on the pavement.

Even though he ate a bunch of crap, since he leaned out, his overall health improved – his LDL levels dropped by 20%, his HDL levels increased by 20%, and his triglycerides improved by 39%. This will also help eliminate calorically dense foods that are loaded with added sugars and unhealthy fats from your diet, ultimately leaving you feeling healthier, fitter, and leaning out WITHOUT counting calories!
So rigid, inflexible dieting is out, and at the very least, it would be prudent to regularly consume at least 10 different foods.

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