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Also, make sure to use a calculator like this ketosis calculator to calculate how much carbs, protein and fat you need to consume for your body type and goals. What’s That Smell – Sugar Detox Cookies ~ I love that this cookie recipe uses no fake sweeteners!
These are ketogenic approved recipes unless you are literally on a no carb no vegetable diet (which would be a very extreme version of keto) these recipes fall within normal keto guidelines.

The author, Kim Knoch, walks you through exactly how to get into ketosis by giving you the tools necessary to determine the amount of fat, carbs, and protein that are right for your age, weight, and activity level for weight loss. She also provides easy to read and understand charts of what foods to eat and what to avoid when trying to achieve ketosis.  She even gives you TWO WEEKS of meal plans to take the guess work out of planning your meals. Recipes: Delicious recipes like Homemade Alfredo Sauce, Coconut Candies, Crispy Cauliflower Crust Pizza, and Low Carb Tortillas.

As someone who actually has to follow this diet to control debilitating epilepsy I find it super annoying that people obsessed with weight loss are flooding the internet with recipes that could potentially be dangerous for people who have no choice but to follow this diet or take meds with horrible side effects.

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